Raise your voice!

  • Stand up!

    Raise your voice when you hear about discrimination against the birth of a girl.

  • Get social

    Be social with social media. Share info about gendercide via Facebook, Twitter and YouTube with friends and family.

  • Blog it

    Write a blog about gendercide, paint a picture and share it with all your readers.

  • Get creative

    Write a song, make a short film, post it online and show how you make a difference.

  • Sign India petition

    Join the It’s a Girl and the 50 Million Missing campaigns by demanding that the Indian government takes action and maintains the laws against gendercide.
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  • Sign China petition

    Demand, together with Women’s Rights in China and Women’s Rights Without Frontiers, that world leaders take action against forced abortions and sterilization due to the Chinese one child policy.
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  • Be informed

    Being informed on gendercide helps you engage and discuss what is currently happening.

  • Support education

    Support organizations, filmmakers, authors and individuals that are raising awareness on the issue.